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About Tobago

Tobago, Trinidad's small companion island, lies a scant 20 miles (32km) to the northeast of Trinidad.  Only 116 square miles (300 sq. km) in area, this pocket paradise contains some of the world's loveliest beauty spots including large groves of Coconut palms, miles of unspoiled beaches, the oldest protected rain forest in the world, and the underwater delights of Bucco Reef.

Tobago makes a perfect choice for those who love to laze away hours in the sun and for those who must have something to do every minute.  In addition to glorious beaches, Tobago offers a full range of activities, including swimming, golf, boating, snorkeling, diving, deep sea fishing, shopping, bird viewing, turtle watching,  sightseeing and more.

Perhaps no other islands have so much to please you: a friendly people enjoying life to the rhythmical beat of their music; golden beaches and warm clear waters; relaxation and recreation of every kind--all adding up to one big happy "WELCOME"

Visit soon, and discover a world that hasn't been discovered.



Tobago, the so called "Robinson Crusoe Island" was not mentioned by Columbus in his voyages.  (Trinidad was discovered by Columbus in 1498 on his third voyage.)  It later made up for this neglect by changing hands more frequently that perhaps any other Caribbean island.  The English, Spanish, Dutch and French all tried to possess it, and the resulting confusion became so great that eventually the island was declared neutral territory.  This however made it irresistible to pirates, and Tobago turned into such a dangerous hornet's nest of rogues that in 1762 the British were forced to invade once again and clear them out.  Subsequently, a vastly prosperous sugar industry was developed n the island.  Since then, the island has flourished and has become one of the world's most sought after holiday havens.